Roneyville 30 Speed Leg Exerciser and Blood Circulation Machine

Roneyville 30 Speed Leg Exerciser and Blood Circulation Machine

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The Roneyville "Easy Walker Magnet Pro" Passive Walking Leg Exerciser and Circulation Machine helps people who are less mobile such as old people, injured people and disabled people keep their legs active at all times whilst seated in the comfort of their own home, workplace etc.

You just have to place your legs on the foot rest and the machine will do the rest for you. Poor circulation can have a detrimental effect on your health. Moving and exercising the body, particularly the lower limbs, is vital to ensure good blood circulation.

If you remain seated for many hours each day it can cause a defective venous return. If prolonged this can cause or worsen a number of health conditions such as:

Swollen legs, ankles and knees
Vascular ulcers
Diabetic neuropathy
Joint and muscular problems
Thrombosis (DVT)
Alzheimer's disease 


Enhances blood circulation

Magnet Therapy is known to increase overall energy level

Strengthens your legs

Eliminates swelling in legs and ankles

Reinforces the cardiac function

Reduces tiredness and discomfort in the legs and feet

Improves general mobility

Lowers blood pressure, keeps spirit up and eases palpitation

Inspires confidence to go outside and exercise

Prevents and reduces chronic venous diseases

Improves metabolism and makes the joints flexible

Effective treatment for diabetes

Disappearance of back and lumbar pain caused by a static posture

Continuous movement prevents tired legs and pins and needles

Helps prevent vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis

Can reduce the formation of blood clots and the possibility of myocardial infraction


  • 30 SPEED LEVELS - 30 speed level settings which can be varied when desired or used by people with varying needs. It also comes with 3 preset automatic programs which automatically set the speed at a particular frequency for a given duration.
  • MAGNOTHERAPY - Magnetic therapy is known to treat a wide variety of ailments, boost energy levels and encourage good health and general wellbeing
  • USB AUDIO PLAYER - comes with USB audio player; listen to your favourite songs or audiobooks whilst exercising your legs.
  • REMOTE CONTROL - Unlike other leg exercisers on the market, this model comes with an easy to use remote control, hence no need to bend over to operate machine.
  • EFFECTIVE - Exercises the legs and keeps them active whilst you are seated. Developed in conjunction with physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

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