2020 Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide vibration plate by Roneyville

2020 Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide vibration plate by Roneyville

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BRAND – Roneyville
MODEL –  Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide Vibration plate

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Intense Heavy Duty vibration produced by 2 independent motors. Roneyville’s silent drive motors work together to give you a COMPLETE workout.

HUGE SURFACE FOR A DIVERSE WORKOUT – Huge anti-slip surface for effective exercise you’ll enjoy! Easily position yourself on the vibration plate and get ready for the deepest vibration fitness experience you’ve tried yet.

FULLY LOADED HOME FITNESS PACKAGE – 180 Speed Levels, 5 Unique Exercise Programs coupled with 2 FREE Resistance Band and a full body workout exercise poster, you have all you need to kick-start fitness journey.

The 2020 Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide vibration plate by Roneyville is the widest and most powerful vibration plate on the market at over 80cm wide and it also packs a punch with its dual motor making it one of the most powerful vibration plates on the market.

The Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide vibration plate works by utilizing both oscillating / pivotal vibration, which are easier on joints and much more superior to vertical vibration training found on other vibration plate models. Oscillating motion makes machine suitable for Weight Loss, Cellulite Reduction and Body Toning. It also improves circulation, increases metabolism without breaking a sweat, boost the body’s natural collagen production, thereby helping you to look healthier and younger.

Hour long sessions at the gym are now a thing of the past as the Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide vibration plate offers you the opportunity to lose Weight effortlessly. Burn Fat, Tone Muscles with just 10 minute workout sessions which is just as effective as 60 minutes of conventional strenuous training. Weighing in at just under 18 kilograms, the Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide vibration plate is relatively light and more portable than other bigger vibration plates on the market.
It also requires no assembly whatsoever meaning you will be up and working out in seconds.


Package Content Includes:

  • 1 x Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide vibration plate
  • 1 x Remote Control Unit
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x FREE Exercise Poster (Worth £19.99)
  • 2 x FREE Spring Power Cords (Worth £19.99)
  • Warranty Document


Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide Vibration Plate Features:

  • Extra-wide 80cm wide plate surface
  • 500w Super Silent Drive
  • 1 – 180 Speed Range
  • Selectable run time (1-10 mins)
  • Comes with handy remote control
  • Plentiful 15mm vibration amplitude
  • Frequency: 0Hz – 50Hz
  • 5 auto exercise program modes and 1 manual mode.s
  • Oscillating / pivotal vibration, easier on joints and much more supe­rior to vertical vibration.
  • Easy to operate multi function touch sensitive control panel
  • No assembly required
  • High Grade platform with 175kg max user weight
  • Detachable resistance bands for sculpting upper body.
  • Non-Slip Rubber suction-cup feet
  • Anti-Jamming and Anti-Static overload protection
  • CE & ROHS Approved
  • 1 Year 5 Star Warranty – Domestic
  • Dimensions: 84cm x 50cm x 21cm .
  • Weight: 16kg


Benefits of Xtreme Fitness Extra Wide Vibration Plate Exercises:

  • Sculpts, shapes, and strengthens entire body or targeted areas.
  • Highly effective workouts take less time than many forms of conven­tional exercise.
  • Low-impact exercise, not hard on joints like jogging.
  • Vibration massage soothes stiff, sore muscles.
  • Vibrations enhance simple exercise routines
  • Significantly improves weight-loss targets
  • Reduces time-scales of your set goals
  • Vibrations force abdomen, back & pelvis muscles to work harder
  • Improves core strength & athletic power
  • Makes physical activity easier over period of time
  • Combats cellulite build-up for ideal tone & shape
  • Combine your workout with cellulite-busting exercises
  • Experience visibly rapid & rewarding results

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